11. October 2007

Ethernet and Power with one connection - HARTING PushPull Hybrid

Everything is cut in half and thus the installation is simplified

The change in the communication technology from field bus to Ethernet offers the possibility to simplify the installation of machines. This simplification will be realized by the combination of the data wires and the 24V supply in one hybrid cable with a single hybrid connector, and this within the dimensions of a M12 connector footprint. For this new kind of machine installation HARTING offers (with the HARTING PushPull Hybrid) the future of connection technology.

With the HARTING PushPull Hybrid everything is reduced in size: The number of connectors, the number of cables and the required space for the termination technology.

With the HARTING PushPull Hybrid everything will be easier: The installation of the machine, the termination of connectors and the plugging.

The hybrid connectors were developed specially with the focus on easy termination in the field and the extra safe data transfer by means of patent-registered Omega shielding concept. Up to 6 different codings can be realized by means of coding pins so that improper mating can be avoided.
Of course these connectors include all known advantages of the HARTING PushPull technology. They can be plugged and unplugged easily and quickly.