11. October 2007

Han® Q 5/0

Han® Q 5/0

Han® Q 5/0 - Small Connector with a Big Termination - Han-Quick Lock®

The newest generation of connectors: Han® Q 5/0 with Han-Quick Lock® termination

Han® Q 5/0 offers the advantages of a space-saving and compact construction to achieve a higher contact density.

The innovative Han-Quick Lock® termination is the newest invention of HARTING and was presented at the Hanover fair in 2007. Simple to terminate with a design which is reliable, similar to a cage clamp or crimp technology. No other termination is as simple, space-saving and fast.

For the newest connector from HARTING, Han® Q 5/0 with Han-Quick Lock® needs no special tooling. A normal screwdriver is sufficient for the assembly. A connection cross-section of 0.5 mm² - 2.5 mm² (AWG 20-14) can be terminated. For the vibration secure connection and a life time with over 500 mating cycles, this is no problem.

Another advantage of the Han® Q 5/0 with Han-Quick Lock® is the use of correctly selected materials, the spring for the quick lock uses stainless steel, the contacts from a high-quality copper alloy and the insert from polycarbonate.

The new and innovative Han® Q 5/0 with Han-Quick Lock® can be found in applications which need performance, signal or a control block connections.
Technical values: 230/ 400V at 16 A. The insert can be assembled into the standard hoods of the Han® 3 A range.


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