10. October 2007

Han® Q 12/0

Han® Q 12/0

Han® Q 12/0 - 12 in One Blow

With 12 crimp contacts the new Han® Q 12/0 is ideal for applications which require the supply of electricity up to 400 V and power at 10 A as well as the transmission of control and diagnosis signals.

The compact design, the high contact density, as well as the innovative Han-Quick Lock® termination technique offers a solution to many different applications that require the lowest space requirement.

The new Han® Q 12/0 can be equipped with all the available Han D® crimp contacts, an important prerequisite for an efficient termination process.
Moreover, the Han® Q 12/0 is universally compatible with all housings of the current size Han® 3 A.

Two additionally integrated coding devices offer the safety of a fault-free mating assignment of multiple plug connectors without the loss of a contact position.


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