13. October 2006

HARTING RJ Industrial® IP20 over molded 90°

HARTING RJ Industrial® IP20 over molded 90°

A new RJ Industrial system cable offers boundless flexibility

The IP20 over molded 90° angled system cables are the latest addition to the product family of HARTING RJ Industrial®.

The new system cables combine the advantages of over molding, thus eliminating the need for field assembly, and the electrical and mechanical characteristics of a field patch connector. Another major advantage is space saving due to the four 90° angled connector variants.

The use of a 360° shielded Industrial Ethernet cable grants the system cables important properties that are crucial for their application in switching cabinets or in crammed light duty industrial environment. Moreover, the IP20 angled 90° cables follow the requirements of CAT 5 and fully comply with PROFINET.

The offer of connectors angled at 90° into four different directions, in combination with solid, stranded and trailing cables in various lengths, supports a wide range of applications and substantiates the claim of HARTING as an authority in industrial communication.

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HARTING RJ Industrial® IP20 Cable Assemblies



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