08. November 2006

HARTING Telecom Outdoor Solutions

The new product range for Telecom outdoor applications

The new range of products for Telecom outdoor solutions combines the advantages of the approved HARTING PushPull and Han® 3 A housings in their whole variety, with innovative glass fibre and copper based inserts.

The integration of the standard LC fibre optic connectors, for single mode as well as multi mode, opens a new application field for fibre in harsh environments. The hybrid versions combine data (LC fibre or RJ 45) and power in one connector and stand for easy installation and maintenance.

HARTING connectors fulfil the requirements of IP 65/67 and convince users with their vibration protection and robust quality approved worldwide.

The innovative LC fibre optic connectors enable safe data transmission over great distances and in spite of EMC interferences, where copper reaches its limits.

All fibre optic connectors are designed for a fibre-to-fibre connection in miscellaneous applications, e.g. as an alternative to a coaxial transmission between base station and antenna unit with an integrated RF head.

Direct coupling to an electro-optical converter like an SFF transceiver is a further step in the HARTING development roadmap.

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HARTING Telecom Outdoor Solutions



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