06. March 2007

Han-Power® S Metall

Han-Power® S Metall mit Han® Q 4/2 Steckverbinder

The Installation for the Future

The decentralized installation concept already provides a first connector at the control cabinet, which is optimized for the particular application.
The Han® Q 4/2 connector, which is equipped with the known Han® C contacts, can be utilized for applications from 2.5 mm2 to 6.0 mm2 conductor cross-section. The power line is laid without taking the decentralized motor control unit into consideration. The branch is made with a Han-Power® S, so that the power line is not interrupted. The IDC terminals are only loaded with the phase current to the decentralized "consumer". The corresponding know-how from HARAX® contact technology has been incorporated into the new installation concept. There are standards in place for the new contact technology in the power sector. In order to ensure the contact point's long-term stability, contacting is not done to plastic
(see IEC 60947-7-1).

The cable cross-section is an important criterion for minimizing the line voltage drop in all applications in which goods are moved over a distance of more than 100 m. A metal version is the optimal answer for applications in which mechanical stability against impact is additionally required. This new and universal system solution supports the user in system installation and maintenance. The power distribution and contacting open up an even more extensive target market, making it possible to introduce the installation concept in further markets.

The trend-setting installation with optimized handling and expansion of the usable conductor cross-sections creates additional advantages. Furthermore, for the first time, the Han-Power® S Metal makes power distribution and branching possible even for conductor cross-sections up to 10 mm2.


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