12. June 2007

Han® K 4/4 space saving power connector for 63 A

Time for combination – space saving power connector for 63 A

Combination connectors bring together different power and signal circuits in only one insulator. This will guarantee supply of power in an application, and also sensor signals can be collected by integrated signal contacts and so directly be converted in the system control unit.

Combinations connectors have been around for many years in the HARTING Technology Group. The new Han® K 4/4 connector combines a high number of power contacts in the limited size of the Han® 10 B housing. This is made possible by utilisation of the available size, and using the space saving axial screw termination for the four power contacts. These - as well as the completely separate PE contact - can be used for wire gauge up to 22 mm². So current carrying capacities of up to 63 A can be achieved.

Furthermore the four signal contacts, each up to 16 A in the cage clamp termination are connected without any special tooling also. This makes the Han® K 4/4 a field attachable connector that can be used everywhere. Both the female and male sides are finger safe and can be used in many diverse applications. Due to its very compact size and the finger safety of the female and male side the Han® K 4/4 is an alternative to the round CEE plugs, if the application allows the use of a connector instead of a plug.


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