12. June 2007

Han® Q 2/0 – Connectivity solution for decentralised power supply

Connectivity solution for decentralised power supply

Typical applications of these trendsetting decentralised power supplies can be found in photovoltaic (PV) systems in the field of renewable energy. This ecologically sustainable method of generating energy without relying on imports is increasingly used in lighting equipment and signalling systems and even partly in new telecommunications infrastructures.

As the Han® Q2/0 can be combined with the wide range of Han® 3 A hoods and housings, it is suitable for a variety of applications in different environments. The termination technology of such a connector should be simple and safe and ensure easy handling for flexible installation.

The axial screw termination technology of the Han® Q 2/0 guarantees a safe and reliable connection, which is well proven in applications such as railcars, where the connector is exposed to shocks and vibration. The advantage of axial screw termination is the extremely compact contact, which, unlike crimping, does not require any special tools when connecting the conductor to the contact.

Wire gauges ranging from 4 to 6 mm² can be terminated as required by the latest solutions for power transmission. The “2 + PE” contact configuration is complemented by a coding system that prevents incorrect mating when several connectors are in use. The Han® Q 2/0 meets the latest standards of finger protection for use in energy storage devices, e.g. batteries, as applied to photovoltaic systems. Designed for withstanding voltages of up to 830 V, this is a compact connectivity solution that offers new possibilities for power supply and energy distribution.


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202 K download