17. July 2007

HARTING D-Subminiature Surface Mount Connectors

Surface mount assembly version of the D-Subminiature connector

HARTING introduces a surface mount assembly version of the D-Sub.

The new design was optimized around key points to provide reliable processing and long-term usage. It allows surface mounting of this very standard connector, thus simplifying PCB assemblies and broadening its range of application.

100% co-planarity is achieved by the combination of the stamped terminals and the specially designed insulator. This design has resulted in a robust solution capable of withstanding all normal handling processes.

The die cast brackets offer a large solder area on each side of the connector to add significant physical mounting resiliency. In addition they control the centre of gravity to secure perfect stability of the connector all along the reflow process.

The insulator includes two “no insertion force” positioning pegs for the pick and place process reliability and a large flat surface for a vacuum pipette.

The riveted nuts are designed so that their square rear side is inserted into the matching square hole in the brackets; they can therefore never get loose.
9 and 15 pole versions are delivered in 120 pieces reels; for larger sizes, packaging will be made according to the customer equipment.

The product range includes 9 to 25 positions, standard angled with a large choice of mounting hardware.

Performance levels 2 and 3 are standard; for other requirements, please contact your HARTING local representative.

A low profile range is planned for release in the coming months and will combine the same features and benefits.

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