09. February 2017

Integrated Industry: HARTING has customer benefit firmly in its sights

The new HARTING M8 D-coded is a robust miniaturised solution – from the Ethernet to the smallest field application and the miniMICA has been used in “Oasis” – the concept vehicle from Rinspeed.

The HARTING Technology Group continues forging ahead with new products and solutions for Integrated Industry. One example – our own smart factory called HAII4YOU Factory – proves that Integrated Industry is no longer just a vision for our company, but already a concrete reality. HARTING will be exhibiting yet more innovations when it attends the world’s biggest industrial trade fair again this year (24 to 28 April 2017, Hall 11/Stand C15), demonstrating the concrete benefits of Integrated Industry for customers with even greater emphasis. Hence the HARTING motto for this year’s HANNOVER MESSE: “Integrated Industry – Creating Value”.

“We want to increase customer benefit. Using our products and solutions, customers can run their industrial processes more efficiently”, explained Chairman of the Board Philip Harting at the HARTING trade press conference fronting the HANNOVER MESSE PREVIEW. Along with other items, HARTING will be exhibiting smart Han® products and further HARTING MICA applications at Hannover Messe in April. There will also be a major focus on e-mobility.

Miniature heroes continue their mission in Hanover

Robust, powerful and - above all - small. These are the strengths possessed by our three miniature heroes: HARTING ix Industrial®, HARTING T1 Industrial® and M8 D-coded. These little giants will be continuing their mission in Hanover – all three are miniaturised connectivity solutions for the industry of the future. Miss M8ty delivers standardised M8 D-coded and investment-proof fast Ethernet - from the cloud to the smallest sensor systems out in the field.

These super-heroines solve challenges and deal with anything that comes their way - and HARTING‘s Miss M8ty is no different: the name comes from M8 D-coded, which HARTING has developed to assist device manufacturers in the current trend for miniaturisation.

Sensors, camera systems and switches are just a few of the components that are being prevented from further miniaturisation - and only because of the limitations of the connection technology. But current developments are addressing not only size but standardisation and digitalisation, too. Even the smallest field components need to be connectable to super-ordinated networks - and speak just a single language: Ethernet. In the past, the problem has been that all Ethernet connectors suitable for IP65/67 environments have been too big, standing in the way of miniaturisation.

Miss M8ty solves this problem: she is the slim and elegant end-to-end Ethernet solution - from the cloud to the smallest sensor. With up to 100Mbits and PoE, the veM8 D-coded provides all consumers with Power and Data via a small interface, doing away with the previous BUS systems.

Process reliability through easy handling: PushPull V4 Industrial

The new PushPull V4 Industrial is made of a new housing material that is also resistant to aggressive chemicals, has a locking system and a more flexible cable connection. Along with further innovative features, this provides users with greater process reliability, making it suitable for demanding application environments. PushPull V4 Industrial – for Power, Signal and Data with a modular construction concept.

Today’s production processes are increasingly modular. Connectors for linking individual modules now have to handle much higher connection cycles than even just a few years ago. HARTING is meeting these increasing demands on device cabling, and will be introducing the modular PushPull V4 Industrial connector with many new features at this year’s Hannover Messe. The new housing material makes it more resistant - even to aggressive operating resources - and a locking device prevents it being pulled out by mistake. The standardised cable crimp is another new, simpler feature - which now works with a single seal instead of the previous three. Plus the ability to accommodate greater cable widths. Easy and reliable handling combined with robust build mean greater dependability and process reliability for customers.

Modular configurations need compressed air

HARTING has developed a new pneumatic module - the Han® Pneumatic Module Metal - to meet increased demands on interfaces for more flexible construction. Customer benefit: it uses robust, long-lasting metal contacts and can be pushed and pulled at least 10,000 times. The new module gives users the option of compressed air, even in situations where production equipment often has to be reconfigured - for supplying drive and control units, brakes, holding and unloading units, for example.

The new interface offers a high maximum operating pressure level: instead of the previous upper limit of 8 bars (Han® Pneumatic module with plastic contacts), contacts can now withstand pressure up to10 bars - permanently. This means that Han® Pneumatic Module Metal now covers the entire low pressure range, extending the possible applications for pluggable compressed air systems.

HARTING has used flow simulations to minimise contact pressure loss. Pressure loss in the socket contacts with internal valve is now half that of conventional pneumatic interfaces. This innovation also opens up new combination possibilities for pneumatics in modular connectors for high connection cycles (HMC): electrical contacts for the transfer of Signal and Power can now be combined with contacts for the transfer of light waves and compressed air in HMC connectors for the first time – saving users valuable build space and assembly time.

“This innovation enhances the performance of the existing Han-Modular® range of over 100 individual modules, which is being continually adapted to the needs of industry”, says André Beneke, Director Product & Industry Segment Management at HARTING Electric.

Secure contacts for control cabinet drawers

HARTING also introduces the new Han-Modular® Docking Frame Metal. This enables control cabinet machine modules and drawers to be docked on to their supply with plenty of room for manoeuver and a high level of accuracy. This saves customers time and money, as the frame is built in such a way that it works without an additional articulated frame, and can be fitted directly to connector modules. This opens up the entire HARTING connector range of over 100 different modules.

Its particular mechanical stability means that it provides sufficient reliability for all kinds of application. The system enables machine components to be switched quickly and reliably. Slide-in modules in low-voltage switch gears can be supplied with Signal and Data and energy storage units with Power and Data cost-effectively.

HARTING grows evolutionary MICA ecosystem: use in the “Oasis” vehicle

The HARTING MICA Energy measuring system will have its first official unveiling at Hannover Messe 2017. MICA Energy enables energy data to be collected from existing machines easily and cost effectively. Data can be introduced to both MICA and proprietary solutions.

Eight partners from the MICA.network will also be presenting their solutions for production digitalisation and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) at Hannover Messe. The emphasis will be on retrofit solutions, where the cost benefits are seen very quickly.

HARTING is already considering further developments for MICA, as evidenced by the visionary miniMICA concept, which has enhanced this year’s “Oasis” concept vehicle from Swiss ideas factory Rinspeed AG to great effect. miniMICA has been given a scalable and flexible architecture, enabling computing elements to be connected in a range of different ways. With the “Oasis”, the driver can customise the pluggable modules and system configuration to the task in hand. Performance and features on demand - see them at work in the “Oasis” on the HARTING Technology Group stand.