02. August 2016

HARTING Technology Group smooths the way for a new chapter

Training manager Nico Gottlieb (left) and Director of Personnel Dr. Michael Pütz (right) welcome the new trainees, dual-track students and work experience students to HARTING

46 trainees and dual-track students embark on their careers / Three one-year work experience placements offered for the first time

For many years, the HARTING Technology Group has been a by-word for training in the region. 49 young people have successfully negotiated the application process and, full of anticipation, have spent their first day at work. 46 trainees and dual-track students were welcomed to HARTING. They will receive training in over 20 different areas. For the first time, they are joined by three students on a one-year work experience programme focussing on metal technology.

"As a responsible, family-run company, we must think of the future and generate further growth. We need talented and motivated young recruits to do this. That's why we are relying on you!" said Dr. Michael Pütz, Senior Vice President for Human Resources, Facilities and Legal Affairs in his welcoming speech.

As well as undertaking exciting duties in HARTING'S new 1400 m2 training centre (NAZHA), which was opened in summer 2008 (and extended by a further 900m2 in autumn 2015), the young people can learn foreign languages and attend trade fairs. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to take their turn at managing the imaginary junior enterprise, the "NAZHA Company". In total, HARTING is currently host to 162 trainees and dual-track students in over 20 different career areas – a new record!
"Our training and student programmes are dictated by the needs of the company. Over the last six years, we have therefore introduced eight new career areas to our training programme at HARTING. For example, this year, we are offering for the first time "Electronics for Automation Technology," says Nico Gottlieb, Department Manager for Central Training at the HARTING Technology Group.

Dominik Limbach, Benedikt Linnemeier, Julian Roling and Kristina Lebedev started their training in tool-making. Simon Janzen and Marvin Klassen are being trained as process mechanics. Benedikt Schwarz; Patrick Blotevogel and Maikel Helweg are learning their trade as cutting machine operators.
Sven Kalmey is training to become a foundry mechanic. Michael Enns will be an electronics technician for machines and systems. Michael Epp is a trainee electronics technician for automation technology, while Marcel Pankratz and Thomas Janzen are being trained as industrial mechanics. Marcel Tews, Daniel Lewen and Andreas Eierich are learning how to be machine and plant operators. Niklas Kutschan, Jannik Heinrichs, Rino Richter, Konnert Erdei and Kilian Kausch are receiving training in mechatronics.

Shabnam Khosrogorji and Christian Sprado are learning technical product design. Manuela Schott, Maria Schwarz, Alena Rüter, Evita Redikop and Julia-Marie Melcher are aiming to qualify as industrial business management assistants. Janik Stegelmeier has embarked on training as a specialist in warehouse logistics. These trainees are working on IT for application development: Kai Henrik Fröse, Pascal Busch, Cevin Bökelmann and Noah Kleinschmidt. Nicholas Jach and Steffen Martens are studying IT for systems integration.

Dual-track courses at HARTING continue to be very popular. Jan Kettler and Marie Hamelmann are Electrotechnology students. Pascal Haßebrock and Anna Arndt have started studying Mechatronics.
Joachim Krämer and Adina Brandt have chosen a dual-track course in Mechanical Engineering while John-Edwin Braun, Dennis Hellweg and Leon Stollberg have decided to study Business Information Systems. Tarek Spreen is studying Industrial Engineering.

For the first time, there are three students on a one-year work experience programme at HARTING. This is offered as part of a new course at the technical college in Lübbecke. On three days in each week, the students have practical training in a company and on two days they attend the college. After two years they will be qualified to enter a university of applied science. Kevin Banmann, Felix Bünemann and Lena Helmich are completing the practical part of this one-year course at HARTING.