25. July 2016

HARTING Technology Group opens plant in Mexico

Chairman of the Board Philip Harting (second from left) opened new plant in Silao (Mexico) with other HARTING managers

Expansion in North and Central America / New Sales Office in Mexico City

HARTING Technology Group has opened a plant in Silao, Mexico in a move that strengthens its global presence and expands its market position in North and Central America. At the same time, the HARTING sales team is moving into an office complex in the capital Mexico City.

“We specifically opted for Mexico because of the very good proximity to our customers here. In addition, we can optimally supply the North American market from this platform,” said HARTING Technology Group CEO Philip Harting, addressing numerous guests in Silao on the occasion of the plant’s opening.
HARTING perceives good growth potential in the region, particularly in the key markets of mechanical and plant engineering and transportation (rail). In addition, many renowned automotive manufacturers and suppliers have opened their own production plants in Mexico. “This country is of considerable importance in our long-term growth strategy,” as Philip Harting emphasized.

HARTING will use the Silao plant to manufacture overmoulded cables and cable harnesses. The connection to Guanajuato International Airport and a company-owned warehouse there will ensure rapid delivery from Silao direct to HARTING customers, and the Silao facility will meet the same standards for HARTING’s internationally recognised quality. The plant area covers approximately 1,200 square meters. Current plans envision the creation of some 200 new jobs in the skilled-trade area over the next five years.