11. December 2015

HARTING Technology Group embarks on new business year from a strong position

Sales rise by just under 4% to EUR 567 million / Passing of the baton at the helm marks continuity / 180 new jobs created worldwide / Industrie 4.0 solutions very well received on the markets / New production location in Mexico

The HARTING Technology Group, headquartered in Espelkamp (Minden-Lübbecke district), has entered the new 2015/16 business year from a strong position (commencing on 1, October, 2015). Sales in the 2014/15 business year elapsed were up by 3.7 % to EUR 567 million (previous year: EUR 547 million), thereby marking the highest sales in the history of the company.

“We are pleased with these developments. The result is in line with the forecast stated at our last annual press conference. We have delivered,“ stated Philip Harting, chairman and personally liable partner. At the beginning of December 2014, the HARTING management board had forecasted lower single digit sales gains.

Business developments ran different courses in the individual regions in which HARTING is active. In Europe (without Germany) and the Near East (EMEA), sales were up by 4.6% to EUR 183 million (previous year: EUR 175 million). Business in the Americas region showed marked growth. The family owned and managed company headquartered in Espelkamp generated gratifying gains of 17,3% to EUR 61 million (previous year: EUR 52 million). Within two years HARTING has been able to boost sales in the Americas by a sound one third. “The reindustrialization of the USA is a growth driver, while the interest in our Industrie 4.0 solutions is also decidedly substantial. I am looking forward to the USA as our partner country at next year’s Hannover Messe,“ Philip Harting continued. HARTING announced that the partner country USA will hold particular significance at the upcoming trade fair appearance.

In Asia, HARTING sales were up by EUR 3 million to EUR 129 million (previous year: EUR 126 million). In Germany, sales matched the previous year’s figure of EUR 194 million. In the meantime, the HARTING Technology Group is achieving two thirds of total sales (66%) abroad. “In view of the positive developments in the Americas region, we will be stepping up our activities there“, as Philip Harting emphasized. Production will soon be kicking off at the Silao location, in Mexico. The facility will produce small size switch cabinets, as well as moulded cables and wiring harnesses. The expansion activities in Romania are more or less concluded. “We are expanding the worldwide HARTING manufacturing network step by step,“ as Philip Harting added.

Philip Harting emphasized that the passing of the baton in October, when he assumed the chairman position from his father Dietmar Harting, set the course for the successful continuation of the company’s development. “This change at the helm stands for continuity – and consequently for security and reliability for our suppliers, our customers and our employees“, Philip Harting emphasized.

Very positive response to Industrie 4.0 solutions

In the past business year too, HARTING succeeded in strengthening its market position as a researching and innovative company with a consistent customer focus. At the world’s largest industrial trade fair, Hannover Messe, and the SPS IPC Drives trade fair in Nuremberg, HARTING presented product novelties that provide customers with rapid and reliable Industry 4.0 based production. Here, HARTING has picked up on the key Integrated Industry trends (Customisation, Miniaturisation, Identification, Modularisation, Integration and Digitalisation) and developed concrete solutions. “Our two trade fair presentations met with very positive response from the markets. Especially the feedback from the professional associations ZVEI and VDMA spurs us on to continue the course we are charting. I can already promise you that we will be showcasing some genuine highlights at next year’s Hannover Messe,“ Philip Harting went on to say.

Cautious view on the new year 2016

HARTING takes a cautiously optimistic view of the 2015/16 business year that has just begun. As current assessments of relevant associations and the Federal Ministry of Economics confirm, the global business outlook has clouded further. “In this context I would like to mention the weaker growth emanating from China, or the growth slowdown in the emerging nations. We should also consider the fact that the mechanical engineering sector is anticipating zero growth in the upcoming 2016 calendar year,“ the Chairman stated.

Clear commitment to the region

HARTING is firmly committed to the Espelkamp, Rahden and Minden locations in the Minden-Lübbecke district. “In the business year elapsed we have invested some EUR 48 million, the major share of which was committed to local activities and projects. In the ongoing business year the figure will even reach some EUR 50 million. This reflects our clear commitment to the region – and it secures employment,“ said Maresa Harting-Hertz, board member responsible for Finance & Procurement and personally liable partner.

In the elapsed business year 2014/15, the major share of the total investment volume was committed, among others, to the construction of a new hall at the HARTING Systems subsidiary in Espelkamp, the expansion of the new HARTING training centre NAZHA, the power supply of Plant 2, as well as the optimization and digitalization of machines and systems, as Maresa Harting-Hertz went on to explain.
In the current 2015/16 business year the investments will be committed, among others, to the European Distribution Centre (EDC) logistics facility, the reconstruction of the “Pianka“ building (office building with 120 workplaces in Espelkamp), as well as production optimization at Plant 1 and 2 (in the course of digitalization and Industrie 4.0) and the expansion of production capabilities (USA / Mexico).

180 new positions worldwide

In the business year elapsed the personnel figures also developed positively. The number of employees (including trainees) stood at 4,228 members of staff worldwide at the end of the business year (previous year: 4,048). This represents an increase of 4.4 %, indicating that HARTING has created 180 new positions within twelve months. Domestic activities accounted for 116 jobs (increase of 5.2 %), while foreign operations added some 64 (3.6 %) new positions. At the three locations in the Minden Lübbecke district (Espelkamp, Rahden und Minden) HARTING is employing a total of 2,367 members of staff as of 30 September 2015, including trainees (previous year: 2,251).

HARTING promotes the up and coming generations: New training vocations

Since years, training and further training, qualification and skilling have been accorded high priority at the HARTING technology group. In 2008 at the new NAZHA training centre, commercial and technical-industrial trainees, as well as students enrolled in dual curriculums are provided with a sound foundation for embarking on their successful vocational future.

As of September 30, a total of 152 trainees were undergoing training in 21 different professions at the company’s NAZHA centre (previous year: 127 trainees). In the 2016 calendar year, a total of 166 dual curriculum students and trainees will be undergoing vocational training at HARTING.
“In view of demographic change we have invested in our junior staff at an early stage. After all, they are the skilled employees and the managers of the future“, said Dr. Michael Pütz, Senior Vice President Human Resources, Facilities and Legal Affairs.

In the past business year, against the background of the dynamic development of the “4th industrial revolution (Industrie 4.0) HARTING created additional and new training positions in the dual curriculum courses of business informatics and business engineering.
“In connection with the progressing digitalization of our company we will also be consistently adapting our training and personnel development to the requirements and offer new vocational profiles, develop training measures and create the necessary general conditions for successful growth,“ as Dr. Pütz emphasized.

Throughout the year, the Technology Group offers numerous information events at mainstream schools, in order to position itself as an innovative technology company. The family owned and managed company enjoys an excellent reputation among young school students from the Minden-Lübbecke district who are looking for a training position, as Mr. Pütz went on to explain. “The very good finishing grades our trainees achieve reflect the superior quality of the training we offer,“ Mr. Pütz emphasized.
In this context, Dr. Pütz underscored the fact that employees and their work take centre stage at HARTING. “The success of the company is due to our highly motivated and qualified employees, and this also holds true for the realization of the future topics of Industry 4.0. Our employer brand PEOPLE POWER PARTNERSHIP is lived in everyday practice throughout our company. Therefore, I am also very optimistic in terms of the future topics revolving around Industrie 4.0“, as Dr. Pütz went on to comment.


The HARTING Technology Group is a worldwide leading providing of industrial connection technology for the three lifelines of “Power, Signals and Data“ with a total of 13 production locations, as well as business units and representations in 43 countries across the globe. Moreover, the company also produces cash desks and checkout systems, electro mobility components, in addition to hardware and software for customers and applications in automation technology, robotics and transportation engineering. In the 2014/15 business year, some 4200 employees generated sales of EUR 567 million.