11. November 2014

HARTING products on the road to Industry 4.0

HARTING Integrated Solutions (HIS) offers sophisticated PCB solutions.

Industry 4.0 is changing the world of manufacturing – and this major technological shift is bringing change to manufacturing systems and industrial devices. HARTING connectors are accompanying these changes – by simply being integrated in industrial devices. HARTING will be showcasing relevant solutions and applications at this year’s “electronica“ trade fair (Hall B3, Stand 542), taking place from November 11 through to 14, in Munich.

“Our HARTING connectors will also be on the job throughout Industry 4.0. On the one hand, we are dealing with the simple device integration of new interfaces by manufacturers, while on the other hand, industrial users are demanding simple and convenient connection options,“ as Philip Harting stated, Vice President Connectivity&Networks at the HARTING Technology Group. “We offer our customers innovative solutions tailored to their needs in the area of device connectivity that are specifically prepared for Industry 4.0”, the personally liable partner went on to comment.

In addition to the M12PushPull solution, HARTING will also be showcasing the preLink® connection technology at electronica 2014 – a solution that impresses with convenient installation, while ensuring reliable processes. As a connection option, pre-Link is now available for the entire range of installation components required for Ethernet. With regard to the Gigabit Ethernet applications environment, the M12 connector solutions with X-coding that can be easily configured in the field – and naturally also with preLink® – represent another highlight on the fair.

The compact har-flexicon® connector (6 – 17 A) can also be readily configured in the field. This solution, however, is deployed within protected IP20 environments and handles a wide range of different signals. The har-flexicon® connectors are available in the grid dimensions 1.27 mm, 2.54 mm, 3.50/3.81 mm and 5.00/5.08 mm and suitable for reflow soldering. Screw-free, push-in spring clamp connection technology and insulation displacement versions are available for single core wiring scenarios.

HARTING is also highlighting innovations in the printed circuit board area. In addition to conventional wiring concepts, printed circuit boards are finding increasing use in distributing high currents. In order to bring the necessary current intensities onto PCBs, the HARTING product portfolio is featuring connectors that offer very special advantages for various different applications and designs. HARTING Integrated Solutions (HIS) has mastered the complete design and manufacturing of such sophisticated PCB solutions. Consequently, customers benefit from the full competence range from a single course.

These solutions are meeting with increasing acceptance, for example in the transportation engineering sector, but also in automation technology, as they are replacing or augmenting conventional, wire based terminal designation circuits. Additional customer benefits are considerable weight and space savings, which translate as lower costs for users.

The Han® connector solutions for PCBs form the perfect bridge between industrial devices and leading installation standards. PCB adapters from the Han-Modular®  program can supply the PCB with currents of up to 40 A. This direct contacting is even possible with semi-flexible PCBs from HARTING; using both together saves considerable space and assembly costs. Han-Fast® Lock enables even more amps – up to 60 A to be precise. The PCB connector is simply inserted into the drilled hole provided for the contact, locked into place with a latching pin, and released again if necessary.