24. June 2014

HARTING Mitronics online with new website

The website offers detailed information on HARTING Mitronics' 3D-MID competence.

HARTING Mitronics currently ranks as the largest supplier of 3D-MID components in Europe.

Some 50 employees are active at the HARTING Mitronics competence center in Biel (Switzerland) that has been serving customers around the world since 2003. HARTING Mitronics is a division of the HARTING Technology Group with headquarters in Espelkamp in East Westphalia, Germany. Now HARTING Mitronics has gone online with a new website: www.HARTING-Mitronics.ch.

In addition to general information on the company, the new website offers detailed information on the company's 3D-MID competence in product development, in the various manufacturing technologies, and in assembly and interconnection techniques. "In-depth technical basics and information on individual series applications are presented with whitepapers and case studies that customers can also download," reports Dr. Christian Goth, R & D Manager, HARTING Mitronics.

HARTING Mitronics' core business is the production of mechatronic components for automobile manufacturing, industrial applications, medical technology and sensor systems. The development and production services for individual 3D-MID components represent particular strengths.