20. October 2015

HARTING Iberia - a reliable partner for customers for 25 years

In the presence of numerous guests of honour, Philip Harting, Chairman of the Board, thanked Managing Director Jordi Cruz and his staff for their successful performance.

It is exactly 25 years since the HARTING Technology Group founded a subsidiary on the Iberian Peninsula. HARTING Iberia in Barcelona has since proven to be a highly dependable partner for customers in Spain and Portugal. To celebrate this anniversary, the Harting family, which owns the company, visited the subsidiary in Barcelona with representatives of the German management team to mark the occasion with customers and many guests at the German pavilion designed by Mies van der Rohe.

In his address, President/Partner Dietmar Harting outlined the development of the Spanish subsidiary that he founded together with Antonio Viver, who was Managing Director for many years: “We carried out intensive evaluation of the various options with regard to how we wanted to manage our business operations in Spain – whether in partnership or completely independently. With the incorporation of Portugal, the founding of HARTING Iberia was a logical step. It was and remains a sound decision which has put us on the path to success in Spain, thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of our staff.”

Philip Harting, Chairman of the Board of the HARTING Technology Group, lauded the reform process in Spain. Spain’s economy is clearly on the path to recovery. Harting praised the local workforce which has never lost sight of the customers and their requirements despite the economic turmoil. In Spain and Portugal, HARTING products and solutions are primarily used in the mechanical engineering sector, wind power, the railway industry and the beverages sector.

Jordi Cruz, Managing Director of HARTING Iberia, looked back at the technological change that has taken place over the past 25 years. HARTING has today positioned itself as a pioneer of “Industrie 4.0” for which it provides customers with tailored solutions, as Jordi underscored. Within the framework of the festivities Susan Arbones, Roberto Sanz, Antonio Escudero and Antonio Monte, all of whom have been working for HARTING Iberia for 25 Years, were honoured.


The HARTING Technology Group is a leading global supplier of industrial connection technology for the three lifelines of power, signal and data with 12 production sites and subsidiaries in 42 countries. The company also produces checkout zones, components for electric mobility as well as hardware and software for customers and applications in the fields of automation technology, robotics and transportation amongst others. Nearly 4,200 employees generated revenues of € 547 million in 2013/14.