03. July 2017

A walk down the red carpet to his desk

HARTING employees surprised Dietmar Harting on the occasion of his special service jubilee.

The coup was pulled off perfectly. For his “golden” service anniversary, during the morning employees had rolled out a red carpet for their astonished senior manager which stretched from the car park to his office at HARTING Technology Group, and greeted him with a large banner. In addition, there were congratulations from all present and some unique surprises for Dietmar Harting, whose first day at work in the family business had been on the same day exactly 50 years ago.

A special revival was arranged for the day. Employees who had congratulated their boss on his silver service anniversary exactly 25 years ago, which had been captured in a snapshot in guard of honour style, gathered once again for a group photo. That was in 1992 – when HARTING generated sales of some DM 220 million with its approximately 1,800 employees.

Many of the employees from the time have remained loyal to the company until today and were delighted to be able to congratulate Dietmar Harting a second time on a thoroughly successful quarter-century of business leadership. Harting was congratulated by all the members of the Management Board, as well as managing directors, managers and executives from all departments and subsidiaries.

Creativity was also demonstrated by the makers of PEOPLE, the company newspaper, who had produced a special edition featuring the highlights of "50 Years of Entrepreneur Dietmar Harting", which was presented to the visibly moved "Man of the Day". The passionate friend of nature and hunter was also presented with a musical gift by hunting horn blowers.

Thus the morning at the company headquarters was marked by a "look back" at the path of an important company and its admirable performance, as well as a confident look ahead during the innovative technology group’s 72nd year.