24. April 2012

Hanover Fair 2012 - Innovations in real-life applications

Philip Harting, Senior Vice President Connectivity & Networks HARTING Technology Group

Andre Beneke, Director Product Management Installation HARTING Electric GmbH & Co. KG

Dimitrios Charisiadis, Director Product- /Project-/Processmanagement ICPN/RFID HARTING Electric GmbH & Co. KG

Claus Hilger, General Manager IT HARTING KGaA

At HARTING, we measure our innovations by the efficiency gains they bring to our customers' applications.


This is why the HARTING Technology Group will be focusing on presenting solutions for real-life applications at the 2012 Hanover Fair.

HARTING smart Power Networks
The smart energy control center – for energy-efficient machines, facilities and plants

Han-Fast® Lock
The simple and flexible printed circuit board connection – compatible with today’s production processes

The seamlessly integrated RFID solution – driving efficient manufacturing processes

This year's Hanover Fair - the world's most important technology event after more than 60 years of constant development - is taking place under the motto of ‘greentelligence’. The fair’s claim to hosting sustainable developments is reflected in the product highlights of the HARTING Technology Group. In 2012 the Espelkamp-based family owned and managed company will focus strongly on solutions enabling customers to design more efficient production processes and thereby curb their resource consumption.

Philip Harting, Senior Vice President Connectivity & Networks at HARTING: The future starts now
“We want to shape the future with technologies for people – this is our vision. The future we are talking about and for which we are developing our solutions is not one starting after a few months, or even years. It’s one starting right now. It starts today! Consequently, our first priority is giving our customers the tools they need to create the future themselves. We at HARTING can now show how our innovations are utilized today in actual, real-life applications and what benefits they are actually generating for our customers. After all, the only effective way to demonstrate the advantage of a new product is to use it. Only then do we fully grasp the product as a genuine innovation.”

Andre Beneke, Director Product Management Installation at HARTING:
Han-Fast® Lock enhances the efficiency of production processes

“We looked over the shoulders of our customers as they produce their devices – and are making a major contribution to boosting the efficiency of their production processes with our Han-Fast® Lock. After all, industrial connectors also need to be integrated into industrial devices. Han-Fast® Lock facilitates this integration and dispenses with additional process steps. The printed circuit boards (PCBs) feature plated-through drill holes which the contacts easily fit into when devices are assembled.”

Dimitrios Charisiadis, Director Product-/Project-/Processmanagement ICPN/ RFID at HARTING:
You only need one network with HARTING smart Power Networks

“Thanks to HARTING smart Power Networks, energy-smart functions are relocated into the network infrastructure. The result? One network is all that is required - namely the Ethernet network. Our HARTING smart Power Unit enhances the Ethernet switch by adding energy-smart add-on functions. At our fair stand, we will demonstrate integration into a high-performance energy management system and the simple administration and configuration of the energy-smart functions of the smart Power Unit.”

Claus Hilger, General Manager IT at HARTING:
e-KanBan demonstrates the benefits of RFID solutions in production processes

“With RFID, we have switched the KanBan solution in the company’s own die casting processes to e-KanBan. This delivers advantages that we can quantify - innovative production harnessing leading edge technologies and delivering a RoI in less than two years.”

HARTING invests in the future

In order to live up to our claim “We want to shape the future with technologies for people” day by day, HARTING is not only investing in new technologies and products but also in environmental and climate protection measures. Since January 1, 2012, HARTING’s German sites have switched 100 % from natural gas to biomethane obtained completely from renewable raw materials. Even the company’s combined heat and power producing units are fired solely with biomethane. The power they now generate replaces approximately 10 % of the total power requirements of the Technology Group. CO2 emissions can consequently be reduced by 5,430 metric tons a year. Moreover, the company’s vehicle fleet includes electrically powered automobiles.

HARTING ranks as one of Germany’s 19 climate protection companies which have been recognized by the conference of the German Chamber of Trade and Industry [DIHK] under the climate protection, energy efficiency and innovation partnership, a joint undertaking with the German Environment Ministry, its climate protection initiative and the German Ministry of Commerce. The efficient use of energy with less environmental impact is a central pillar of corporate philosophy. HARTING products and solutions support customers by aiding their efficient use of energy. Smart Power
Networks, the energy-management concept from HARTING, are the route to energy-efficient production processes. This is what persuaded the readers of the technical journal ‘Elektronik’ to award second place to smart Power Networks in the Automation category in the journal’s ‘Product of the Year’ event.


Intelligent and high-performance connection technology lies at the heart of industrial application and production technology. The HARTING product and solution range covers plug-in connectors, device connectivity, network components and ready-made connection cables. HARTING products connect and interlink devices, machines and facilities with data, signals and power. This results in solutions covering a wide range of markets including automation technology, energy, transportation, industrial devices, broadcast and entertainment, machinery, medical technology, embedded computer systems and industrial network infrastructures. Moreover, HARTING manufactures electro-magnetic components for the automobile industry and provides solutions for the fields of enclosure and housing technology as well as shop and vending systems.
Today, the HARTING Group has a workforce totaling some 3,400 employees in 36 foreign subsidiaries.

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