23. November 2011

HARTING highlights key to efficiency gains

Philip Harting

Dr. Michael Groß

Efficiency topics are high on the HARTING Technology Group's agenda at year's SPS/IPC/DRIVES in Nuremberg.

"We gauge our innovations by the extent to which they boost the efficiency of our customers’ processes. It is precisely this idea of efficiency that drives us forward," explained Philip Harting, Management Board member Connectivity & Networks of the HARTING Technology Group.

In this context, the company is addressing the entire infrastructure and thereby also the key lifelines of industry, namely data, power and signal. The HARTING Smart Network Infrastructure enables the provision of optimal connectors for all three lifelines on the device side, as well as field installation and the configuration of intelligent systems for networking and integration. Consequently, smart Power Networks will feature as one of the key highlights at this year's SPS/IPC/Drives. "In rolling out smart Power Networks we are fielding a concept that boosts our customers' energy efficiency thanks to the convergence of power and data," as Dr. Michael Groß, a managing director at the HARTING Technology Group commented.

smart Power Networks enhances energy efficiency in factory and plant installations by the functional extension of conventional power distribution by so called smart Power Units (sPU) as well as system software. In this way, the management of intermissions in facilities can be handled with greater efficiency, for example. In the course of several years of cooperation activities with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence HARTING contributed and integrated smart Power Networks Technology into the SmartFactoryKL concept. The result is a convergent network that comprises the data and the power network infrastructure.

With the emphasis on the Smart Network Infrastructure HARTING will be concentrating especially on the manufacturing machinery, production plants and industrial buildings areas at the SPS/IPC/Drives. In all three areas the infrastructures makes the same demands on consistency. The individual characteristics and features depend on ambient and environmental conditions, as well as the requirements of the installations. Consequently, HARTING is creating solutions that combine data technology consistency with the capability to adapt to individual areas and conditions.

Thanks to Ha-VIS preLink® connection technology that offers universal connection options in the network areas, it is possible to cover virtually all applications. The new 8-pole M12 connector suitable for 10 Gbit applications, can also be connected to conventional industrial cables for Fast Ethernet. This opens up a wide range of application areas in robotics, as well as in building cabling.