24. November 2010

HARTING unleashes the potential of PROFINET

left to right: Rüdiger Prill (Managing Director HARTING Deutschland), Philip Harting (Senior Vice President Connectivity & Networks) and Claus Kleedörfer (Director ICPN) during the press conference of the HARTING Technology Group at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2

At this year’s SPS/IPS/DRIVES in Nuremberg the HARTING Technology Group is taking Automation IT to a new level.

Within the HARTING triad of Automation IT, Device Connectivity and Installation Technology the Automation IT components stand for highly innovative solutions in industrial automation.

Following on from the year 2009 that saw the market launch of “Fast Track Switching“, a new technology for the performance and determinism of active network components, and “Ha-VIS preLink®“, a universal and simple cabling system, HARTING has taken the next decisive steps forward with regard to the utilization of Automation IT in existing automation systems.

“We are firmly committed to PROFINET that draws on open Ethernet standards and thereby enables automation on a universal communication platform. With our innovations we are unleashing the inherent potential of PROFINET“, as Philip Harting, Vice President Connectivity & Networks of the HARTING Technology Group stated.

Automation profiles that utilize standard Ethernet all have one challenge to master. Even within the environments of other applications the automation application demands highest performance and determinism. Fast Track Switching delivers precisely this performance. But a Fast Track switch alone cannot be integrated into the PROFINET automation software. It is only through the combination with the PROFINET I/O Stack that Fast Track switches become genuine PROFINET devices.

Thanks to Ha-VIS pre-Link®, the innovative connection technology by HARTING for data lines, 4-pair cables can already be used for PROFINET today: without changes to the installation, today’s 4-pole M 12 d-coded connectors can be exchanged for 8-pole x-coded connectors in future, without requiring new data cable connections.

“With Fast Track Switching and Ha-VIS preLink® as PROFINET solutions we have consistently advanced our vision of an Ethernet communication platform for all the applications of manufacturing companies, and have taken further decisive steps towards the future,“ as Philip Harting explained.