27. April 2010

HARTING unfazed by volcanic cloud

Frank Quast with this year’s top trade fair highlight, the Han-Yellock®.

Dr. Norbert Röttgen, Federal Minister for the Environment, visits the HARTING stand (left to right): Dietmar Harting, Dr. Norbert Röttgen, Maresa Harting-Hertz, Rüdiger Prill, Margrit Harting and Ascan Hertz.

High visitor numbers ensure successful trade fair event.

The dark volcanic cloud could not dampen spirits at the HARTING exhibition stand – in fact quite the opposite. “This year’s fair was a highly successful event for us despite the air-space lockdown. We recorded a significant rise in visitors from Germany and we also welcomed large numbers of customers from all over the world after flight restrictions were lifted,” said Dietmar Harting, personally liable partner of the HARTING Technology Group, summing up this year’s event.

With the Han-Yellock® – a world first – HARTING broke the spell of the volcanic dust cloud and quite literally enchanted customers instead. The new connector, which combines various new functions with a stylish design, was presented in a special hologram film where a magician plays the leading role. “The response to our new connector was incredible. With its innovative locking system, the option of contact multiplication and easy handling, it is exactly what our customers wanted,” said product manager Frank Quast about his hugely successful project.

In addition to visitors from industry, prominent guests from the world of politics were also wowed by the Han-Yellock® and the other innovations on the HARTING stand. Dr. Norbert Röttgen, Federal Minister for the Environment, did not pass up the opportunity to call in on the Espelkamp-based family owned and managed company during his visit.

From the region, Heinrich Vieker, mayor of Espelkamp, Michael Buhre, mayor of Minden and Dr. Ralf Niermann, head of the Minden-Lübbecke district authority, paid the technology group a visit. Stephan Weil, mayor of the city of Hannover, and Bernd Hachmann, mayor of Rahden, were also both highly impressed by HARTING’s innovations.

And there were large crowds at the young people’s initiative TectoYou stand as well as at the main HARTING stand. The HARTING straw hat proved so popular that there were long queues for the “connector-insert” game, which had to be successfully completed to win the much-coveted prize. Young and old alike enjoyed sporting the smart headwear and the entire exhibition site was filled with visitors wearing the hats. HARTING took part in TectoYou for the fourth time and invited more than 500 pupils from the region to visit the fair. “Sparking the younger crowd’s enthusiasm for technology is an important issue for us. TectoYou presents technical careers in a fun way. The great interest shown in TectoYou again this year indicates that it is precisely the right way for us to appeal to our employees of the future,” said Margrit Harting, Senior Vice President and Partner of the HARTING Technology Group.

With its strong showing at the Hannover Messe trade fair, the technology group once again proved that its innovations, which are systematically geared to “customer benefits”, shape the markets and optimally implement customer requirements. The company performed well in the first half-year as well as at the Hannover Messe. At €188 million, HARTING’s revenues were 11.2% above the previous year’s figure. “If everything runs smoothly, we anticipate annual revenues similar to those posted in 2007/2008,” said Dietmar Harting on the future outlook.

3 Landrat Niermann
Dr. Ralf Niermann (fourth from the left), head of the Minden-Lübbecke district authority, visiting the stand of the Espelkamp-based family company with his delegation.
4 Oberb _rgermeister Hachmann
The mayor of the city of Hannover, Stephan Weil (third from the left), takes a look at the new connector with Dietmar and Margrit Harting. (In the background: Philip Harting).
5 B _rgermeister Buhre
Andre Beneke (left) shows the mayor of Minden, Michael Buhre (fourth from the left), the Han-Yellock®.
6 B _rgermeister Vieker
Mayor Heinrich Vieker (right) and Günter Segelhorst from Espelkamp (second from the left).