20. April 2010

Hannover Fair 2010

Dietmar Harting

Philip Harting

HARTING showcases Han-Yellock®– a world-first innovation


An innovative approach to connector technology delivers outstanding customer benefits – HARTING unveils a dazzling array of innovations at the Hannover Messe

- The Han-Yellock® connector combines functionality and design
- Innovations in the fields of Fast Track Switching and RFID
- Strong performance in the first half-year
- Further expansion of the sales network

The Hannover Messe is the world’s leading technology trade fair and HARTING, the family-run company based in Espelkamp, has been involved from the very beginning, enjoying great success as an exhibitor over 60 consecutive years. The Hermes Award, the most lucrative international technology prize, has been presented at the fair since 2004. HARTING received a nomination in 2005 and won the much-coveted prize for its RFID technology in 2006. The technology group was among the nominees again last year with its Fast Track Switching technology. In addition to innovations in these successful product areas, HARTING is presenting a global innovation in the field of heavy industrial connectors, the Han-Yellock®, at the Hannover Messe 2010. The company has once again delivered on its commitment to the systematic development of innovations, highlighting its leadership in connector technology.

As Dietmar Harting, personally liable partner, stated: : “Over the past year, we have maintained our focus on the future, which has always been the key objective in the development of the HARTING Technology Group. We have continued to make targeted investments to support our customers after the recession with outstanding solutions that offer optimal customer benefits. These measures have once again enabled us to achieve our goal of starting from the pole position.”

HARTING is presenting a world-first innovation at the Hannover Messe 2010 – the Han-Yellock® which offers outstanding performance thanks to secure transmission of data, signal and power, individual configuration possibilities, optimal functionality and an elegant design. The locking system is a special feature of this innovative product. The connector audibly snaps in when connected and can be handled quickly and securely with one hand. The lateral fasteners can be locked, offering additional security against unintentional or unauthorized opening. By transferring functionalities to the connector, the new Han-Yellock® takes loads off switch cabinets. The Han-Yellock® produces a reduction in the overall cost of installing machines and systems.

Philip Harting, Senior Vice President of Connectivity & Networks at HARTING, said: “We have created a new dimension in connector technology based on the globally successful platform of the Han® connector. We have taken a completely new approach to connector technology to achieve this objective, resulting in outstanding customer benefits. There will be greater efficiency, innovation and sustainability in 2010 in line with the motto of this year’s Hannover Messe. We have undoubtedly made our contribution to achieving these goals with the Han-Yellock®.”

Innovations in the fields of Fast Track Switching and RFID

HARTING has also continued to focus on innovation in the fields of Fast Track Switching and RFID through the systematic further development of its technologies. The Ha-VIS FTS 3100s switch launched by the company is the first on the market equipped with Fast Track Switching technology, enabling it to meet most automation requirements with regard to performance and determinism. RFID will also be presented in connection with a specific application this year. The technology can be used to control the positions and movements of vehicles and special operations, such as maintenance procedures. New functions have also been added to the Ha-VIS RFID system to make it a complete software and hardware platform for producing RFID solutions.

Strong performance in the first half-year

Due to its different financial year, HARTING Technology Group presents its half-year figures at the time of the Hanover Trade Fair, and is therefore traditionally regarded as an indicator of sector trends. HARTING generated global sales of €188 million in the first six months of the 2009/2010 financial year, compared with €169 million in the same period of the previous year, in connection with total annual revenue of €325 million achieved over the full 2008/2009 financial year. Sales were up by a pleasing €7 million in Germany, by €6 million in Asia, and in the Americas, too, year-on-year sales growth amounted to €3 million. In Europe excluding Germany, HARTING also achieved a year-on-year increase of €3 million. In overall terms, this represents growth of 11.2% over the 2008/2009 financial year.

Further expansion of the sales network

“We aim to become a global company” – the HARTING Technology Group is systematically working towards this goal through the internationalization and expansion of the global sales network. Three new subsidiaries in Denmark, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates have ensured the immediate expansion of the group and ensure close proximity to customers.


Intelligent and high-performance connector technology provides the basis for industrial application and production technology. HARTING’s portfolio of products and solutions includes connectors, device connectivity, network components and assembled system cables. HARTING’s products connect and network devices, machines and systems with data, signal and power. The company provides solutions for the automation technology, energy, transportation technology, industrial devices, broadcast, stage and event technology, engineering, medical technology, embedded computer systems and telecommunications markets. HARTING also produces electro-magnetic components for the automotive industry and provides solutions in the fields of hood technology and shop systems.
The HARTING Group currently has around 3,000 employees active at its 32 local subsidiaries.

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