18. March 2009

“In search of the holy grail of PEP”

Successful raft builders: The PEP graduates and organizers Melanie Fehrler (l.) and Bettina Klaas-Heisener (r.).

One of the essential aspects of growing a business is to prepare the people you employ to accept greater responsibility, both through internal training and by promoting the next generation of talent.

HARTING, a family-owned and managed company designed its second Potential Development Program (PEP) with just this aim in mind. In this second round of the PEP, 15 participants successfully completed their year-long training in mid March. In the course of the program, the participants studied a series of modules including self-management, moderation and facilitation, and project leadership to prepare them to take on more responsibility. As a measure of the importance for the globally oriented HARTING Technology Group of interaction at an international level, they also received training in intercultural skills.

Motivation, team spirit and a thirst for knowledge are among the qualities that define the employees taking part in the training program. In the case of the present group, these characteristics were particularly prominent, as one of the trainers, Dr. Susanne Watzke-Otte, emphasized: “This team was very quick to learn. I really enjoyed working with them, and it’s almost a shame the workshop is over.“

The participants thought so too, as they explained what the “Search for the holy grail of PEP“ was all about. Following the example of Indiana Jones of cinema fame, they told of the challenges they had to overcome in order to reach their goal. The team found a particularly creative way to solve their final task of preparing a personal résumé of their experiences. They built a raft, the planks of which symbolized the individual stages in their training, while the sail represented their collective experiences. Now with plenty of wind in their sail, the program graduates are looking forward to new tasks.