17. December 2008

HARTING implements energy efficiency measures

The HARTING Technology Group continues to advance the utilization of environmentally friendly processes.

Most recently, a powder coating facility at HARTING Systems has been equipped with a state of the art heat recovery system.

The system connects the extract air heat with the company’s central heating plant. Thanks to the process put in place, the heating of the 17,500 square meter production and manufacturing areas at HARTING Systems has now become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The thermal energy saved is equal to the annual heating requirements of more than ten single-family homes.

At HARTING Systems the surfaces of machine components and parts are refined and finished in a facility for cathodic dip painting and powder coating. The fully automated paint plant with dip painting and robot-based powder coating meets the stringent industrial standards of demanding machine-building customers. In a sophisticated, several hours painting process up to 20 hangers are handled. In the following final assembly stage the individual components are assembled as complete systems for supra-regional machine building customers.

The new heat recovery system now augments the two continuous burning ovens for dip painting and powder coating. The solution ensures higher efficiency levels in the utilization of oil, gas and electrical energy.