05. August 2008

Members of the German national handball team visit HARTING in Zhuhai

From left to right: Bono Chu (Plant Manager at HARTING Zhuhai), Anna Wang (HR/Administration Manager at HARTING Zhuhai), Marcus Goettig (Operation Manager at HARTING Zhuhai), Horst Bredemeier (Manager of GWD Minden and the German national handball team),

The countdown is on. The XXIX Olympic Games open in Beijing on August 8. The German team consisting of over 400 athletes will be taking part. Michael Haaß, who plays for GWD Minden in the German national handball league, will be among them in the contests for the medals with the German national handball team in Beijing.

Together with Horst Bredemeier, manager of GWD Minden and the German national handball team and Vice-President of the German Handball Federation and Charly Hühnergarth, media spokesperson for the German Handball Federation, Michael Haaß paid a visit to the HARTING Technology Group’s new production plant in Zhuhai.

The HARTING Technology Group, which has its headquarters in Espelkamp in eastern Westphalia, has sponsored GWD Minden for just over a year. The sponsorship is part of an overall strategy the HARTING Technology Group is pursuing to promote sport, culture and science with the aim of enhancing the attraction of eastern Westphalia as a location.

While it has strong ties with the eastern Westphalia region, the HARTING Technology Group has consistently endeavored to establish itself internationally since 1979. The company is now represented worldwide with subsidiaries in 27 countries and the number is rising. HARTING also has a total of ten production sites around the world. The latest HARTING plant in Zhuhai in the South China Pacific region occupies a production and logistics area of 20,000 square meters. The € 12 million investment was officially opened in October last year. HARTING underlined the strategic importance of China as a growth market by opening its own production facility in China.

Zhuhai, a rapidly growing city, also attracted the German national handball team who set up its training camp there at the beginning of August in preparation for the Olympic competition. GWD Minden’s Horst Bredemeier and Michael Haaß joined Charly Hühnergarth, the German Handball Federation’s head of media affairs, and took the opportunity to visit the HARTING Technology Group’s production site in Zhuhai and to experience a little bit of their eastern Westphalia home in China’s far-off Middle Kingdom.

The handball delegation was received at HARTING in Zhuhai by Simon Chan, Managing Director of HARTING Asia Pacific, Bono Chu (Plant Manager at HARTING Zhuhai), Marcus Goettig (Operation Manager at HARTING Zhuhai), Anna Wang (HR/Administration Manager at HARTING Zhuhai) and Yun Chunguang (Organizer - ECO). The guests from Germany were given an overview of the organization of the HARTING Technology Group and then embarked on an extensive tour of the factory gaining an insight into how HARTING’s high-quality products are produced in China. The representatives of the German national handball team were impressed by the size and state-of-the-art facilities at the HARTING plant in Zhuhai and the efficient, quality-oriented work processes.

HARTING employees in Zhuhai wished Michael Haaß, Horst Bredemeier and Charly Hühnergarth every success in the competition as they returned to the training camp before moving to the Olympic Village in Beijing on August 7. It’s fingers crossed for the GWD Minden men when the handball competition gets underway on August 9.