23. May 2008

Building bridges to the Asian growth markets

Some 4,6 million people are currently active across the globe at the foreign subsidiaries of German companies. The HARTING Technology Group has been active in the “Middle Kingdom“ since mid 1998 and inaugurated a new manufacturing facility last October in Zhuhai in order to meet the rising demand for HARTING products on the Asian markets.

In response to the implications of this international expansion course, the Espelkamp based family owned and managed company has decided to take special action. On the initiative of Philip Harting, active as board member Connectivity & Networks since March 1, 2008, and responsible for the HARTING Technology Group’s Asian business in his function as Managing Director since 2005, a training position for a “company officer for forwarding and logistics services“ (male/female) will be established in Hong Kong as of August 1, 2008, with the support of the Central Logistics Area at HARTING KGaA.

Hong Kong ranks as one of the world’s major centers of finance and commerce: “The city is a key gateway to the Asian growth markets, which will be the clear focus of HARTING’s future expansion drive,“ as Philip Harting stated. “In Hong Kong, which is home to the world’s largest freight airport and the second largest container port, young professionals for forwarding and logistics services will find excellent conditions to qualify for their subsequent vocational activities.“

The 22-month training course will be conducted according to the guidelines of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. On three and a half days a week, the trainee will be learning on the job at the company, while preparing for the final exams on the remaining one and a half days at the vocational training school. Classes are held in German, while English is the language spoken at the company.

After completing the course, the trainee will be offered a position at the Central Logistics Area: “In this way we will have a professional on board who is familiar with Chinese culture and the business processes there, and will be capable of forging a link between Germany and Asia,“ as Philip Harting is convinced. “For the HARTING Technology Group, this represents an additional step towards becoming a globe-spanning company.“

With the establishment of the training position in China the broad range of training activities at the HARTING Technology Group has been extended once again. Over a period spanning more than 60 years, HARTING has been offering qualified vocational training, as well as attractive career perspectives at the HARTING Technology Group following the successful conclusion of training courses. With regard to academic courses, HARTING has been offering a “Dual Study” course as well as the option of a 12 to 15 month specialized trainee program. Last but not least, the in-house further training programs at HARTING are consistently geared to the concept of lifetime learning.

The key significance attached to training and further training at HARTING will be featured especially prominently this year, in the early summer. On June 6, 2008, the all new training center NAZHA (Neues Ausbildungszentrum HARTING) in Espelkamp will be officially inaugurated in the presence of numerous guests, including the Minister of Labor of North-Rhine Westphalia, Karl-Josef Laumann. The center has been set up over the past two years and involved an investment volume of nearly EUR 2 million. The all-new training center covers some 1,400 square meters and features state of the art facilities, multimedia, a library as well as modules on the topic of “hands-on technology” creating an overall environment in which both teaching and learning are enjoyable and enriching experiences.