19. December 2007

HARTING peps up employees!

The proud participants in HARTING’s Potential Development Program (PEP) show off their certificates

15 members of staff have just completed a sophisticated Potential Development Program (PEP)

People have priority at HARTING, because competent, motivated employees are the greatest asset of any business. HARTING’s Potential Development Program (PEP) aims to help the company’s employees to realize their talents, develop important skills and expand their employment horizons.

After completing the program, all 15 participants toasted their success on December 17, 2007, and received hearty congratulations as well as their coveted certificates from company proprietor Margit Harting.

The program participants emphasized that after expanding their knowledge of their own and related technical disciplines and enhancing their personal and social skills, as well as learning new methodologies, they now feel a much greater sense of motivation and dedication to the tasks at hand. All of them are keen to take up new challenges at the HARTING Technology Group. Even before the program was concluded, they were able to demonstrate the practical value of their newly acquired knowledge by successfully completing an important project.

Based on their experience, the pioneer participants have already declared their willingness to act as mentors for the next program and the next batch of “PEP‘ers“ about to start in 2008.