28. November 2007

Three-way innovation: for installation, device connectivity and network system

HARTING targets the merger of IT and automation technology

HARTING is showing its colors at SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2007 in Nuremberg and featuring product innovations for all three industrial automation areas: installations, device connectivity and network systems. In networks consistently and comprehensively designed for high performance, optimal results can only be achieved when there is efficient interaction among the components. Whether for uncomplicated and reliable machine installation, for intelligent system networking or for equipping an automation device with the suitable device connectivity - the HARTING PushPull Hybrid, sCon switch, Han Q12 and AdvancedMC Plug product innovations offer a high degree of reliability paired with minimum expenditures for installation and device integration. These products support the merger of office IT and automation into convergent automation IT solutions. Consistent, comprehensive solutions offer cost optimization and the highest level of transparency in an industrial company's overall process.

HARTING PushPull Hybrid

The HARTING PushPull Hybrid is our device connectivity solution. This power connector, which also performs as an Ethernet connector at the same time, expands the innovative PushPull family. Hybrid stands for the combination of data line and 24-V supply in one hybrid cable and connector. This results in reliable connection and simple installation. The number of plug-in points and cables is cut in half, as are space requirements. This means that it is possible to use a housing that offers a multitude of solution options for installation in the machine within a very compact space. The hybrid connectors were specially developed with an eye to simple connections in the field and particularly reliable data transmission with the patented Omega shielding concept. It is designed for 32 V, 5 A and offers three power contacts - equipment that makes it universally usable.

The sCon family - unmanaged Ethernet switch for ring redundancy

Previously, high network availability came at the cost of high complexity. The sCon product family is impressive proof that easy configuration and high availability are compatible: with a ring redundancy in which unmanaged Ethernet switches are connected into a ring topology. Because this installation manages without an additional processor, it is economical to implement and easy to use. The difference to existing unmanaged solutions is the configuration option via USB port. If local conditions change, a configuration is transferred to a switch in just a few seconds, and this switch is then put into operation.

Strategic partnership between HARTING and Nexans

HARTING is backing up its orientation towards the automation IT technology trend, which includes the merger of office and automation networks, with a partnership with Nexans, global leader in the cable industry market. The partnership combines the strengths of the two companies - HARTING's competence in manufacturing and marketing Ethernet network solutions for industrial automation and Nexans' know-how in developing hardware and software for network components in the office area. The convergent automation IT network platform is the common denominator here. HARTING is selling network components for industrial automation under the mCON 1000 name, and Nexans is doing the same under the iSwitch H300/500 name.

Han Q12 - diverse application options paired with low space requirements

Featuring high contact density and the PE contact executed in innovative Quick-Lock termination technology, the new Han Q12 represents a new standard in the connectivity and networks area. In the power range up to 400 V/10 A, 12 crimp contacts offer the advantage of allowing integration of a very wide range of data and control signals along with the power supply. The PE contact's vibration-resistant Quick-Lock termination technology stands for reliable utilization, even in the most demanding applications. Users benefit from the option of reliable assignment of a number of connectors without loss of a contact point, not least thanks to the integrated 16-way coding option.

HARTING AdvancedMC Plug

In order to meet the interface requirements in industrial environments for MictroTCA, HARTING has developed the AdvancedMC Plug as an alternative to direct plugging. It meets the narrowly defined tolerances and fluctuations in the contact surface quality by means of indirect plugging with high contact reliability and high protection against corrosion and wear. The connector features the transmission of high data rates in connection with a minimum size. Its compatibility with the PICMG specifications makes the HARTING AdvancedMC Plug an industrial solution for flexible use in high-performance board-to-board systems.

The HARTING Technology Group is skilled in the fields of electrical, electronic and optical connection, transmission and networking, as well as in manufacturing, mechatronics and software creation. The Group uses these skills to develop customized solutions and products such as connectors for energy and data transmission applications including, for example, mechanical engineering, rail technology, wind energy plants, factory automation and the telecommunications sector. In addition, HARTING also produces electro-magnetic components for the automobile industry and offers solutions in the field of Enclosures and Shop Systems.
The HARTING Group currently comprises subsidiary companies in 27 countries employing a total of more than 2,800 staff.