01. June 2007


Together with the apprentices Friederike Detering and Artis Lehn, senior vice president human resources Dr. Michael Pütz (r.) and Jörg Netza, head of personnel development (l.), present entrepreneur Margrit Harting with the plan of the HARTING Technolog

All signals are go. Entrepreneur Margrit Harting and Dr. Michael Pütz, senior vice president human resources, facilities and legal affairs, gave the green light for an ambitious construction project, the new apprenticeship center of the HARTING Technology Group, on June 1, 2007.

With an investment volume weighing from almost € 2 million, the new apprenticeship center will open its doors in the early summer of the next year. In future, all of the HARTING apprentices from the industrial, trade, technical, commercial and administration areas, as well as the students engaged in the dual study courses, will be learning and working under a single roof. The apprenticeship center will be situated at Plant 4A, Marienwerderstrasse 2, in Espelkamp. The aim of the new construction project is to integrate all the existing apprenticeship areas, and thereby enhance the qualifications of HARTING’s junior employees.
In addition to the ap
prentices from Espelkamp, in future, employees from the company’s subsidiaries across the globe will come to Espelkamp in order to participate in technical training and advanced training courses to be held at the new apprenticeship center.

“In the past years, HARTING has stepped up its apprenticeship activities and has also integrated new, recognized occupations such as the apprenticeship as electrician for devices and systems. At the same time, the dual study course specializing in mechatronics has also been launched at HARTING,“ as Dr. Michael Pütz outlined. In addition, HARTING has given consideration to expanding the range of apprenticeship offerings in the direction of electrotechnology. “We want to create ample scope for all of these apprenticeship options, and the new apprenticeship center will provide us with the ideal platform,“ the human resources executive added.

“The considerable increase in the number of applications clearly reflects the fact that vocational apprenticeship at the HARTING Technology Group enjoys an excellent reputation,“ as Jörg Netza, head of personnel development at HARTING stated. And Margrit Harting added: “Our new apprenticeship center offers employees an expedient starting point for further personal development options and careers throughout our company. With these new facilities, we want to chart new and innovative approaches in apprenticeship, and provide optimal learning and working conditions for successful apprenticeship and vocational advancement.“

With the construction of the new apprenticeship center, HARTING is also clearly indicating its commitment to the region. “We regard the obligation of providing young individuals with vocational perspectives and in-depth qualification offerings within our region, the “Mühlenkreis“ district, as a major concern,“ explained Margrit Harting. “In doing so, we strive to create an atmosphere in which young people will enjoy learning.”