16. April 2007

HARTING Technology Group at the Hannover Trade Fair 2007

New applications, new complete solutions, new products – HARTING continues successful course

Espelkamp, Hannover, April 16, 2007. Hannover Trade Fair 2007: The HARTING Technology Group, the pioneer in active and passive connector technology and complete solutions for industrial communication and power networks, continues to chart its successful course. "Technology leadership is not enough. In order to ensure sustained success our products simply have to represent the ideal solution for our customers," as Dietmar Harting underlines, President and personally liable partner of HARTING KGaA.

In order to reach its ambitious goals, HARTING has consistently stepped up its customer orientation. Dietmar Harting explains: "We utilize our know-how so that our customers will be able to further increase their performance, improve their processes and continue to advance efficiency. The new orientation of the Technology Group as a system supplier, consulting customers in all matters of connector technology and networking over all development and project planning phases, contributed to boost sales by more than 17 % in the 2005/2006 business year. Posting worldwide sales of EUR 313 million, HARTING was able to steadily expand market shares as planned. In order to continue this trend, HARTING is consistently investing in the development of new products and the expansion of its product range.

HARTING features new connector technologies

HARTING's major focus at this year's Hannover Trade Fair (main stand in Hall 11, Stand C13) will revolve around solutions in the application areas of device connectivity, installation technology and communication. The new connector technology that HARTING is presenting with its Han-Quick Lockâ products, combines the reliability and simple handling of a spring operated connector with the compact dimensions of crimp technology. Han-Quick Lock® is ideal for high contact densities and is therefore decidedly superior to other connector technologies. In practical experience, the advantages of this new connector technology are readily apparent: vibration free connections no longer require special tools and the associated time and effort involved are lowered significantly. The Han® PushPull Power 4/0 is the first product HARTING is rolling out with this new technology. In the course of the year additional products featuring the new connector technology are scheduled to follow. With this newly developed connector technology, HARTING has developed another innovation that will decisively determine the electrical connector technology markets.
With Han-INOX HARTING has added a new type series to its product portfolio. The products are specially designed to perform reliably under very tough, aggressive ambient conditions. Especially in environments with rapid soiling, or in applications with particularly high hygienic demands - such as the food processing industry - all machine elements must meet special requirement profiles. In addition to the above-mentioned areas, typical application areas include traffic technology, shipbuilding, mining, on-shore and off-shore industries and the construction sector.

HARTING establishes quality cachet for ATCA® and MicroTCATM connectors

In 2006, under the con:card+ quality cachet, HARTING had already introduced a new generation of AdvancedTCA® and MicroTCATM connectors on the markets. These connectors, equipped with a small spring for stable positioning and an especially high-grade surface coating, have been very well accepted by the markets and are developing into an own quality standard. With the new ATCAâ Power connectors finding use in "Zone 1” of the ATCA backplane and the daughter card, HARTING is expanding its product range by an additional electronic connector according to the PICMG 3.0 specifications.

HARTING pushes the microtechnology

With its products in the microtechnology area HARTING added a strategically significance element to the comprehensive product range at a very early stage. The innovative power of HARTING products in this business operating area is reflected by the Hermes Award, that the company won in 2006 at the Hannover Trade Fair. This year, HARTING will be presenting further developments in the microtechnology area at the company's main stand in Hall 11, and at the joint stand in Hall 16.

HARTING unveils novelties for Ethernet

Further new developments in the Ethernet area are on display: HARTING is presenting a Gigabit Ethernet Switch 3100-AA networking up to 8 Fast Ethernet terminal devices, 2 Gigabit terminal devices and enables flexible data communication of 10Mbit/s through to 100Mbit/s and up to 1000Mbit/s via the ports 9 and 10. Thanks to this Gigabit option, the full bandwidth in applications can be increased and utilized. The individual configuration of all ports enables adaptations to all individual requirements.

Automation IT – HARTING showcases consistency of Ethernet technology

At the joint Automation IT stand in Hall 16 (Stand F17), HARTING teams up with 25 additional partners, to demonstrate that consistent, uniform Ethernet solutions can be realized today in all areas of industrial manufacturing - from the office environment all the way through to the machine level. With Automation IT based on the platform of uniform Ethernet communication all applications within the network are factored in with their different and specific requirements. "This creates process security and reduces costs", explains Dietmar Harting. Based on real applications, the Automation IT stand demonstrates that all elements for a comprehensive, overall system are available today, and interact seamlessly. Thanks to open communications, all applications are fully functional within a single network. The exchange of production data with ERP, MES and CAD systems works in all directions. Central and decentral security concepts protect production operations.