26. March 2007

Bringing technology alive for school students!

Standardized robot dogs playing in the RoboCup Four-Legged League. The emphasis here is on the use of software for image processing, movement control and team play. Source: RoboCup German Open 2007

Far from being boring, a career in technology is not just exciting, it also offers excellent future prospects. That’s something companies like HARTING are setting out to prove at this year’s Hannover Messe.

HARTING supports the TecToYouth initiative

As part of an initiative by Deutsche Messe AG in cooperation with partners in industry, schools are being specifically approached and invited to bring their students along to the international industrial fair during the week of April 16 – 20, 2007, to get better acquainted with this career choice.

Through presentations and discussions with a practical bias, the new initiative at the Hanover Fair aims to fire young people with interest in future-oriented careers in technology. Under the title TectoYouth a programme of activities ranging from science to industry and politics has been put together as a comprehensive dialog designed to arouse the appetites of young visitors for technology and associated vocations.

HARTING is a strong supporter of the Fair’s TectoYouth initiative. In fact the Espelkamp-based company is one of the principal sponsors of the initiative. “We would like to steer young people towards an interest in technical careers and the wide-ranging opportunities available to them in these fields,” explained Jörg Netza, Head of HARTING Human Resources Development.

Visitors can look forward to a varied programme. Teaching robots to play football is great fun for participants and audience alike, as well as an ideal opportunity to explore artificial intelligence and try out mobile robotics in practice – using a football championship as an example. On HARTING‘s RoboCup stand in Pavilion 33, this hands-on experience will enable students to learn directly about new technologies. As a high-tech company itself, HARTING aims to bring technology alive for young people – with excitement and variety.
Schools interested in attending can register their classes direct with Deutsche Messe AG, fax no. +49 (0) 511 - 45 00 10 54 , e-mail: tty@planet4.de. Further details are also available at www.tectoyou.de.