13. April 2006

Press conference Hannover Messe 2006

“The future at HARTING is all about Industrial Connectivity & Networks“, as entrepreneur Dietmar Harting declared at the HARTING Technology Group press conference held during the Hannover Messe 2006. The company has repositioned itself to achieve these goals.

Margrit Harting
Partner and Senior Vice President HARTING KGaA

Dietmar Harting
President and Partner HARTING KGaA

Dr. Michael Burmeister
Managing Director HARTING Mitronics AG

Rüdiger Prill
Managing Director HARTING Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

Hanover, 24 April 2006. “The future at HARTING is all about Industrial Connectivity & Networks“, as entrepreneur Dietmar Harting declared at the HARTING Technology Group press conference held during the Hannover Messe 2006. The company has repositioned itself to achieve these goals.
HARTING is drawing on its decades of experience in the industrial arena. For some years the company has been increasingly involved in industrial communications and power networking. The Technology Group now offers a complete infrastructure range for Industrial Ethernet. “The Automation IT initiative shows that all areas of a company can be integrated into a universal and convergent network – based on Ethernet”, emphasizes Dietmar Harting. The American global market leader Cisco and the German industry trendsetter HARTING, together with 20 other partners, have created a comprehensive special presentation in Hall 17. The presentation demonstrates the manner in which all company instances and units, from IT to customer service and telephony, from development and design to materials management, and all the way through to the participants on the factory and machine level, can function and interact in an Ethernet network. These constellations generate tangible cost and process benefits for companies in industrial automation.

Solutions for industrial communications and power networks

HARTING has added the IP 30 Ethernet switch with LWL ports to the switch product family. The ESC TP06/FX02-SC and TP08/FX02-SC Ethernet switch are ideal for deployment in industrial applications and support Ethernet and Fast Ethernet. These Ethernet switches can support both line and star topology and their mixed forms. Up to eight additional Ethernet consumers can be connected to the switch via twisted pair ports. Two more consumers can be linked by way of LWL ports (100 Base FX; Full Duplex with SC shut-off technology). Both products work as unmanaged switches in Store and Forward switching mode and support Auto-Crossing, Auto-Negotiation and Auto-Polarity.
The Technology Group has also added SmartCon to their switch family. This new solution offers more than 100 configuration options for unmanaged Ethernet switches. All SmartCon Ethernet switches can be configured by way of a USB interface. The products can be utilized as standard plug and play switches or can be reconfigured to cater to special requirements. The worldwide standardized USB interface can be used with all notebooks, PCs and palm tops.

Rapid and simple locking with HARTING Push Pull connectors

HARTING is also presenting the new standards for automation and cabling in line topology at the Hannover Messe 2006. The Han® PushPull connector family is also fully compliant with the automation requirements specified by German automobile manufacturers. Thanks to the new, highly compact locking technology, the new product series is also compatible with the IP 67 type of protection. For optical or electrical transmission of data and power a number of different connectors are available in two housing sizes: Han® Push Pull RJ 45, the Ethernet connector based on RJ 45, Han® PushPull SCRJ connector for optical data transmission and Han® PushPull Power, the power connector with contact protection for equipment voltage supply.

Installation – Equipment connection – Networking

With its new “Connectivity and Networks” strategy, the HARTING Technology Group is demonstrating its course of generating new growth opportunities by market-oriented change. In pursuing the company’s “Route 2010” strategy map, HARTING has defined a number of concrete goals, such as increasing sales to EUR 500 million. In order to achieve these goals, the global organization has gained a new orientation and created centers of excellence in Europe, America and Asia. The Technology Group is focusing on the triad of Installation Technology – the traditional HARTING field, Equipment Connection Technology and Networking. The three lifelines of industry – industrial communications, 24 V voltage supply and 400 V power supply are playing the central roles here. HARTING has developed an integrated product program with relevant types of protection, providing the foundation enabling structured networking in industrial automation.

Performance portfolio

Automation IT realizes an Ethernet-based, joint communications network that serves both the office and the manufacturing areas. Passive components such as connectors, wall and panel feed-throughs, outlets and T-sections constitute the portfolio along with active components such as switches, repeaters, media converters and power switches. Another mainstay of the new strategy is the “One face to the customer” consulting and customer care approach, by which HARTING is generating additional value for its customers. HARTING offers more than just products: it advises customers at the development or project planning stage on all issues of connection technology and networking. If required, HARTING will also perform the development and manufacture of sub-systems, in addition to supplying the appropriate components, thereby increasing value creation for customers.

Quality and innovation

With the introduction of the Han® connector (Han = HARTING norm), the global leader for robust industrial connectors has created and established a de facto standard. HARTING components are used throughout the world in mechanical engineering, in industrial automation, as well as in other sectors such as wind energy, rail technology and also in telecommunications. The excellent quality and reliability of all products and systems, outstanding customer services and continuous work on innovative solutions determine and shape the diversified positioning of HARTING as an internationally active company. The company’s roots as a family owned and managed business guarantee continuity and growth. HARTING’s technological leadership has been demonstrated by a second successive nomination for the Hermes Award, one of the most coveted technology awards.

Pioneering new industrial microtechnology solutions

HARTING hat die Kompetenzen und Technologien im Bereich Mikrotechnologie in den letzten Jahren ständig ausgebaut. Dabei greift das Unternehmen auf jahrzehntelange Erfahrungen in der elektronischen Verbindungstechnik zurück. Bei der aktuellen Innovation, dem RFID-Transponder (RFID: Radio Frequency Identification), handelt es sich um ein Produkt, das bei der Verleihung des Hermes Award 2006 höchste Anerkennung erfahren hat. Mit dem 3D-MID-Verfahren kann HARTING Mitronics AG jetzt Richtantennen mit integriertem HARTING has consistently built up competence and technology in the microtechnology area over recent years. In the process, the company is able to draw on resources resulting from many decades of experience in electronic connection technologies. The current innovation, the RFID transponder, took top honors in connection with the Hermes Award 2006. Thanks to the 3D MID process HARTING Mitronics AG is developing directional antenna with integrated RFID chips, enabling applications in demanding industrial environments.
The transponder brings greater transparency to processes in transport and production logistics. As the first product of a complete range, the HARTING Technology Group is now presenting the passive HARfid LT 86 (HT) featuring a reading range of up to five meters. It supplies all the necessary information for perfect warehousing operations and complete, uninterrupted container management.
The product also meets the demand for wide reading ranges in RFID solutions deployed in transport and production logistics in the proximity of liquids and metals. In addition, the product also delivers information about manufacturers, contents, production dates, series numbers and the owner of the “object” which can be accessed at any time. Moreover, it is also possible to save new updated information.


The HARTING Technology Group is cutting a strong profile in its role as trendsetter. “At the Hannover Messe 2006 our message was that we will continue to set trends” said the entrepreneur Dietmar Harting. “With >Connectivity & Networks< we will continue to live up to this claim."