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Ha-VIS RFID System Components

Ha-VIS RFID System Components

  • Identification of a number of objects without a direct line of sight
  • Simultaneous information storage directly on the product
  • Reliable information processing under the most difficult conditions

Ha-VIS RFID products

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems from HARTING identify metal containers, machines, tools, trains, concrete parts, or other assets in most challenging and harsh industrial environments.

Starting from extremely robust UHF RFID transponders (also called RFID tags or RFID chips), over stationary and mobile RFID readers, complete systems are provided. We support you by bridging the gap between the physical world and your software world by providing PLC function blocks and the Ha-VIS Middleware.


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The next level of automation has begun

By the new initiative “Integrated Industry” (Industry 4.0), the next level of automation has already begun. The goal is to make information of physical objects like assets, products, tools, trains or vehicles available to PLCs or IT systems. Typical applications are production, asset tracking, or maintenance.

There are different AutoID technologies like barcode, image recognition (OCR) or RFID. RFID is the only technique that allows to change information on object level. Different RFID technologies are available with different frequencies: LF (125 kHz), HF (13.56 MHz), NFC (in smart phones) and UHF. The most flexible technique concerning read ranges, high speed reading, and costs of transponder is UHF at a frequency of 865 -928 MHz.

Through major advanced in technology, UHF RFID transponders (also called tags or chips) can be operated completely passive (without a battery) and are maintenance free with read ranges from 1 cm to over 15 m.

HARTING drives those developments on all levels: from technology, packaging, up to bridging the gap between physical world and IT data.

HARTING offers RFID solutions for your applications:

  • In the production and manufacturing of plastic or zinc metal diecasting with our eKanban solution
  • In applications with high temperatures up to 210°C, for example paintshops or autoclaving processes
  • Asset tracking of stamping or bending tools and tracing master tools
  • In the production and tracing of ready-to-use concrete parts for example for bridges, tunnels or modern industry buildings
  • For positioning of trains and trams at the platform or for signalling purposes
  • Identifying trains or locomotives at control points
  • For optimising maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) for machines, locomotives and railway cars
  • For Configuration Management in complexe machines and locomotives

The customer benefits using HARTING RFID solutions:

  • All RFID components for industrial RFID solutions from one supplier (transponder, antenna, reader, PLC function blocks, middleware)
  • Extremely robust and ruggedized RFID tags for special applications like autoclaving, on metal or in concrete (cement) with protection rating IP69K and high temperatures up to 210°C
  • Software for end customers and system integrators, from PLC function blocks up to the powerful Ha-VIS Middleware