Ha-VIS Application-Suite

The Application-Suite is a tool for developing hardware-independent, vendor-neutral applications (apps). It is based on a client-server model and creates an abstraction layer for end-device hardware.
So an application needs to be coded and tested once and then it can be implemented across various hardware platforms. Simultaneously the whole administrative work and the update process for the apps is simplified because of the server based architecture.
In the end the Ha-VIS Application-Suite saves time, money, simplifies the app management and increases the flexibility.

Software Ha-VIS Application-Suite


  • a simple and quick interface to a variety of end devices
  • vendor-neutral applications (Windows CE, Windows, Android, …)
  • versatile and modular application solutions
  • based on open standards (e.g. HTML 5)

(available by 1st quarter 2014)

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