Train positioning by UHF RFID

Train positioning by UHF RFID
  • Which doors may be opened?
  • May the driver open the doors?
  • Maintenance free train positioning
  • Precision of positioning better 50 cm


Trains have to stop at determined positions, for example because of safety doors on the platform or due to railway legislation. And sometimes the platform is shorter than the train, than only some doors may be opened.
Optical sensors often fail for positioning of a train at the station. Reasons for failure can be dust, dirt, water on sensor, or leaves. Mechanical contacts also can easily fail in such harsh environments. Contactless and maintenance free UHF RFID systems allow the precise and reliable positioning of trains.


  • HARTING Ha-VIS RFID systems allow contactless train positioning
  • Proven precision of positioning is better than 50 cm
  • Even 5 cm possible with near field antenna
  • RFID Reader is mounted on the train, the antenna at the outside of the train
  • RFID transponder mounted on the platform (hidden in concrete), or on the sleepers
  • Ha-VIS RF-R500 RFID reader fulfills all major relevant railway norms for rolling stock

    Target customers

    Railway / train manufacturers
    Railway operators
    System Integrators in railway sector

    Our offer to you

    HARTING offers complete RFID systems for train positioning.

    Product range:
    Ha-VIS CT89 concrete transponder or Ha-VIS SL high speed set
    Ha-VIS RF-R500 RFID reader
    Ha-VIS RF-ANT-MR20 antenna
    Ha-VIS Coax cable

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