Tracking containers and trains in freight yard

Tracking containers and trains in freight yard
  • Did the container pass this position?
  • Is the railway car in maintenance area?
  • Is maintenance required?
  • Identify container on railway car


On which track is this railway car? Where do I find the container? Is maintenance required for this railway car? A lot of simple, but highly important questions cannot be answered without finding and checking long Excel lists. HARTING RFID Systems allow paperless tracking of your valuable assets.


  • HARTING RFID systems allow the highly reliable identification of railway cars, locomotives and containers
  • Trains may be as fast as 120 km/h
  • Ha-VIS SL89 transponder is mounted on special metal bracket that can be customized easily concerning read range and mechanical form factor
  • Out-of-the-box RFID reader system Ha-VIS RFID Box approved for track side usage
  • RFID data from dozens of RFID readers is collected, compacted and delivered in the data format you need by the Ha-VIS Middleware – without any programming.

Target customers

Railway yard operators
System Integrators in railway sector

Our offer to you

HARTING offers complete RFID systems for railway yards.

Product range:
Ha-VIS SL high speed set
Ha-VIS Middleware
Ha-VIS Coax cable

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